Signs of Potential Pest Infestation You Don't Want to Overlook When House Hunting

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When you're house hunting, you want to look past the size of a potential home purchase and its fancy new appliances and carpeting; it's good to ensure you also think about the condition of the home and any repairs or other attention it might need after you buy it. One such concern might be pest infestation; while you can call for pest control treatments after you buy a home, you need to understand any damage being done to the home by pests once they've infested a home and how easy it would be to address this infestation once you move in. Note a few signs of potential pest infestation you don't want to overlook when house hunting and then discuss these with a pest control expert if you really want to buy a certain home where you've noticed these signs.

Signs of potential nesting

Rats and mice like to burrow into soft materials and make nests; they may take newspaper and other such materials and shred them and then collect them for their nests. You can check behind appliances and in nooks and crannies in the attic for any type of shredded paper or shredded fabric or anything that may be used by rodents for nests, and this will tell you that there may be these pests behind the walls.

Dead bugs

If you notice bugs on the windowsills and window ledges or in corners of the home, this often means that there is a problem with infestation. Any house might have the occasional dead fly on a windowsill; however, if you notice many dead bugs of the same variety throughout the home, this often means that they've made the home their own. You may be dealing with an infestation of roaches or other crawling bugs in the home when you notice their dead carcasses scattered around the house.

Pest control products

Any homeowner might keep a can of bug spray in the house for the occasional fly or ant that makes its way inside, but if you notice can after can of bug spray, and especially if you notice them in the kitchen as well as all the bathrooms, laundry room, and other areas, this often means the home is infested. You might also notice packages of rat or mice traps, roach "motels" and other such products. This often means that the homeowner is dealing with an infestation that you would also need to address if you were to buy the home.