Rat Control: What You Do Not Know About Rats

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In order to control the rat population, knowing their habits is paramount. Once you inspect them, you can easily control these rats. The roof rats are endowed with big ears. These are the most common rats.  The nose of the roof rat is pointed, and they are known to be excellent climbers. You will know that you have a roof rat as they occupy the upper sections of your house like the attic and you may find them outside. However, other rat breeds are normally found in the lower sections of your home due to their inability to climb. With this knowledge, rat control will be easier, and you get to know how to manage rat control easily. The following steps will ensure that your rat control measures are successful.

 Inspection This is the first and most imperative step in rat control. Once you inspect and find out where the rats are normally located and know their location, it is easy to set traps. Ensure you the traps are placed horizontally with some bait to attract the rats to the trap. Once baited, the rats are eliminated by the spring action that helps the traps squash the rats to death. In case you use poison, the rats are eradicated upon ingestion.

Sanitation This is an essential factor in rat control. You need to remove all refuse and rubbish piles around you home. In addition, you also need to maintain your compound. All dumpsters and garbage container need to be fitted with a tight cover. Rats require food; therefore, if you have birds, your bird feeders, as well as other pet food, can help them survive. As such, take ensure you feed your pets and get rid of any leftover pet food.

Trapping tips You need to be patient whenever you set traps in your rat control endeavours. Rats are usually cautious when they realize something new or some food that they are not used to. For that reason, have patience when you set the said traps as it will take some time for the rats in the colony to take the bait that you have set for them.

Exclusion It tends to be easier to manage exclusion of rats compared to mice; the reason being that rats are larger; therefore, you will need to minimize the space they can navigate through to get to your home. As such, you can seal any opening that you suspect is the entry point for the rats. Ensure that you seal any opening that is more than ½ inch to keep rats out of your home. Rat control is not difficult once you follow the above steps. All you need to do is have patience; soon enough, your rat control measure will yield the results you want.