Practical Tips to Keeping Possums Out Of Your Property

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Nobody wants to usher in the New Year with a pest infestation on their hands. Nonetheless, not many people are aware of how they can prevent these critters from taking up residence in their homes. The first thing you should know is that the best way to deal with unwanted pests is to ensure that they do not find your home property in the first place. By being proactive about keeping the pests out, you are less likely to require fumigation services on a routine basis. Since possums tend to be one of the most common pests that overrun Australian households, here are practical tips to keep could keep them out of your property.

Have all the gaps and crevices eliminated

Possums are scavengers. Therefore, they will look for any possible access to your home to get some nourishment. You may be taking measures to keep cracks out of your walls, but homeowners tend to overlook parts of their structure that could provide access points for these pests. It is crucial to carry out an extensive inspection of your deck, foundation, basement and crawlspaces to determine whether there are holes big enough for the possums to squeeze through. The more often you carry out these physical examinations and remedy them as required, the less likely you will have a possum infestation in your home.

Ensure all HVAC vents are secured

Another way that possums can make their way into your home is through your vents. You may assume that they will merely crawl in and crawl out but to gain access to your vents can mean a host of other problems for your household. As the possums make their way into these structures, chances are they will litter the vents with their droppings. Not to mention that they will also shed their dander in the vents too. As air circulates in your home, these contaminants start to clog your filters and can have an adverse impact on the quality of your indoor air. Therefore, not only would you have an infestation but also you will find that the health of your family members is also at risk. Make sure that your vents are cleaned routinely as well as secured with wire meshing to prevent the possums from breaching them in the first place.

Have your chimney capped

If your chimney is more decorative rather than functional since you do not use your fireplace, then it would be best to have it capped. As possums scurry along your roofing trying to gain entry into your home, an open chimney would be quite inviting to them. Fortunately, capping off your chimney is neither time nor labour intensive so it should be an affordable measure that you can take.