Handy Pest Management Tips for Keeping Bugs out During the Winter

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As winter rolls around, it is not just you and your loved ones who want to stay snuggled indoors. The drop in temperatures will also make your home vulnerable to a variety of critters that are also looking for shelter against the chilly conditions. Resultantly, you will find you are in need of pest control services much more during the winter than other times of the year since the outdoor conditions are proving to be unbearable. Without proper measures in place, there will be a steady increase in the pests in your home such as roaches, spiders and so on. Fortunately, knowing how best to protect your property can greatly decrease habitation by these unwanted critters. Here are some handy pest management tips for keeping bugs out of your residence during the winter months.

Be thorough with your caulking

The primary way that insects breach your residence is via cracks and crevices that remain ignored. Therefore, the first measure you should take in an attempt to keep these pests away is to engage in through caulking of the entire structure. This process can be tedious, so it is recommended to enlist the help of a few friends and loved ones to help you through it. Moreover, the more hands available, the higher the likelihood that you will canvas more of your property and in turn be as thorough as possible. Look out for any gaps, large and small, that have developed on your cladding, foundation, doorframes and so on.

Monitor the humidity in your home

During the winter, most homeowners will resort to artificial heating in an attempt to keep their premises as warm and comfortable as possible. However, you may not realise that with the rise in temperatures in your home, there could also be a rise in the humidity levels. Insects will find such an environment perfect for their survival, as not only do they have a warm place to inhabit but they will also have the moisture they need. It is advisable to invest in a dehumidifier that can be situated in areas of your home that are likely to see a spike in humidity such as the basement or the attic.

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth around the perimeter

Diatomaceous earth may not prevent insects from accessing your home, but it does help in mitigating an infestation. As the insects breach your residence, they will encounter this fossilised plankton. The diatomaceous earth then slices the exoskeleton of the pests, leaving them vulnerable to dehydration. Periodically sprinkle this compound along your baseboards, at entryways and even on windowsills to keep insects at bay.