Three Tips To Ensure Pest Control Fumes Don't Irritate Your Family

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It is incredibly rare for fumes from pest control substances to adversely affect humans, but a recent case in Egypt is a reminder that it can happen. As someone who has not had their home professionally pest controlled before, you will want to book this in before local pests give birth to their babies this spring. Professional pest controllers are well versed in the methods of keeping you and your animals safe from fume harm, but there are several other things you can do to make sure the pest sprays do not irritate your family. Use these tips to ensure your first pest control is a totally positive experience.

Leave It To The Professionals

You know you need your home pest sprayed, but the temptation is there to do-it-yourself to save a few dollars. When it comes to pest control, there is one big reason why it's much safer to have experienced people do the job. You can head down to your local hardware store and buy the chemicals you need to do the job yourself, but when it comes to pest control the volume of spray is critical. Many do-it-yourselfers start off with the best intentions of following spray directions but add a little extra chemical here and there with the mentality, "a little extra won't hurt." The "little extra" is exactly what changes the pest control from safe to dangerous.

Professionals place the exact amount of chemical needed in the perfect spot to get rid of pests. Their products dry on the surface within a matter of minutes, which means there's no residue to make you sick.

Tidy Before The Appointment

Pest spray is not applied willy-nilly, but it does need clean surfaces to stick to. The night before your pest control appointment, have a cleanup at your home. Put away loose toys, wipe down your kitchen benches and mop your floors. Not only does this remove the chance of excess spray landing on your kid's toys, but it also means you don't need to clean the surfaces for a few days. This gives the pest spray a chance to stick, and that makes it more effective.

Leave The House During Spray

It is not necessary to leave the house while the home is being sprayed, but if you are truly concerned about the fumes, make a plan to vacate while the spray is done. You don't even have to leave the property. Take the kids into the backyard for some fresh-air playtime. Make sure you take along a picnic to keep the hunger pangs at bay. Once you're given the all-clear to return to the house, open up some windows and air the rooms out.

A professional pest control can be completed in around 90 minutes, so get it booked in now before the best pest control companies get booked out.